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Sanctuary Point Men's Shed- who we are.

Sanctuary Point Men's Shed's main aim, and that of the Australian Men's Shed Association, is the promotion of Men's Health, both mental and physical by being able to freely discuss Men's Problems in an open forum that men feel comfortable in without embarrassment if they wish or need to.


Sanctuary Point Men's Shed members are a diverse group of men from many different walks of life. They hold many skill sets from Artisans, Tradesmen, Engineers, Farmers, Manufacturers to Management and ex Military positions which are put to use in a friendly, welcoming, non threatening or abusive environment. We have the expertise and willingness to helping you gain or refresh your own skills in a supervised situation until you are considered to be competent enough to use the machinery. We don't encourage the use of machines one out and encourage people to work with a partner for safety reasons. If you just want a cuppa and a chin wag we can accommodate you there, as well.

We cover a range of trades in wood and metal work as well as other tasks. The Community Garden is associated with some of our members as well and are always looking for interested members.

You are quite welcome to come to our shed to pop in and talk to us during opening hours.


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