About Our Men’s shed

What We Do

Learn, Grow, Education, Have Fun!

Learn Metal Work

Discover metalwork at Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed. The Men’s Shed has a variety of metal working tools available. You can weld, bend or turn metal bits to repair your existing item or create a new masterpiece. If you are new to metal work then one of the more experienced members can give you a hand. Once you are confident with your skills, you can become authorised to use the machines unsupervised. The shed is a safe environment to learn new skills regardless of your age or experience. Explore more today.

Improve Tool Skills

Improve Tool Skills. The shed has a large variety of tools available. Whether you’re a beginner or have prior experience, our Men’s Shed is the ideal place to refine your craftsmanship and elevate your tool skills. Experienced members can help you learn new skills from soldering to 3D printing. Embrace your creativity and discover the fulfillment of becoming a skilled artisan. Learn more today.

Make Things with Wood

Welcome to Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed, where we embrace the art of woodworking. Discover the satisfaction of mastering woodworking skills and join our community of artisans. Explore more about woodworking at Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed today.

Train Set Construction

Welcome to Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed, where creativity takes shape. Join the Train Set Group and delve into the world of miniature railways. Immerse yourself in the art of train set construction, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner. Our community fosters camaraderie and growth, allowing you to unleash your imagination and create your own miniature world. Discover more and let your passion for trains come to life.

Community & Education Since 1986

 At a South Australian Men’s Health Conference in 1986 Professor Barry Golding (University of Ballarat) presented ideas to address age and isolation issues for men.


This sparked an idea of establishing a plan where men might gather and share skills and common interests over projects that helped their local community or them as individuals under the mantra of “in the company of men”. Around 1998 the Lane Cove Men’s Shed was opened and thought to be the first community Men’s Shed in N.S.W. and second in the world after Tongala in Victoria.

Our Mission


Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed’s main mission, and that of the Australian Men’s Shed Association, is the promotion of Men’s Health, both mental and physical by being able to freely discuss Men’s Problems in an open forum that men feel comfortable in without embarrassment if they wish or need to.

Who we are

Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed members are a diverse group of men from many different walks of life. They hold many skill sets from Artisans, Tradesmen, Engineers, Farmers, Manufacturers to Management and ex Military positions which are put to use in a friendly, welcoming, non threatening or abusive environment. We have the expertise and willingness to helping you gain or refresh your own skills in a supervised situation until you are considered to be competent enough to use the machinery. We don’t encourage the use of machines one out and encourage people to work with a partner for safety reasons. If you just want a cuppa and a chin wag we can accommodate you there, as well.

We cover a range of trades in wood and metal work as well as other tasks. The Community Garden is associated with some of our members as well and are always looking for interested members.

You are welcome to come to our shed to pop in and talk to us during opening hours.

Our Story



An expression of interest was placed in the Bendigo Bank community newsletter “ABOUT”, seeking a response from local males who might join this project. The following men responded:

Noel Hill, Perry Winter, Brian Byrnes, Roy Bayldon, Norm Webb, Nelson Alfonso, Charles Atkinson, Alex Paton, Dick Allingham, Les Boutcher and Bill van Gennip



A funding submission to the Department of Veterans Affairs was made by BBCRI and proved successful. It was now mid-2006.

The original cohort began establishing themselves by operating three days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. A BBCRI staff member, Brad Slaughter, was placed in an Administration and Supervision role.

There began production of a few projects for sale to help with running costs. These included possum boxes, garden pot boxes, work stands, and serving trays. As an outcome of making serving trays a relationship with Life without Barriers was established.


Finding a Home

A local identity, Delaunay, was selling his house and was open to a deal where the block next door, with two steel sheds on site, would also be available.

In 2008, the purchase was made for $520,000, and arrangements were made to move the Men’s Shed into these two sheds. A seemingly perfect fit, while the house was to be a short-term holiday respite venue for aged clients of The Bay & Basin Community Resources Incorporated (BBCRI).


Moved to a New Location

After problems with BBCRI in March 2011, the physical move into Bill van Gennip’s workshop on his property at Falls Creek was achieved by gathering members’ trailers, vans, and utilities to bring together the physical entity of Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed. Spiritually, it was a bonding period that made us all stronger. Who’d have thought we’d be in this temporary location for 7 years?


Clifton Park Approved

Shoalhaven City Council: Public Notice. February 2016

Proposal to grant a licence: Part Lot DP1215751 Clifton Park, Clifton Street, Sanctuary Point.